⛏️Minting Mechanism

A conventional farming token will indirectly inflate its own token supply by providing rewards to stakers, generating unsustainable selling pressure in the process. $FBA will not follow this method, instead adopting a new approach of minting after a successful transaction. This new minting system will not flood the market with β€˜dead’ reward tokens (which are usually instantly dumped), but only tokens generated from performance fees.

Important: The value of FBA is hard capped at a minimum of $0.1 for minting. This means if current price of $FBA is lower than $0.1 then A = tx performance fees / $0.1

  • Maximum supply of FBA is 21 million tokens.

  • $FBA is a deflationary token. The higher the price, the less $FBA that is being minted. Therefore, there is a chance that all 21 million $FBA tokens will never be fully minted.

  • The aim is to ensure Firebird reaches at least 100 million USD daily trading volume on multiple chains. This will create a steady stream of income even if $FBA tokens stop minting.

  • Users using our Aggregator on non-Fantom chains will be able to claim $FBA on Fantom later. (Snapshots are taken on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 AM UTC)

* A β€˜Qualified transaction’ is a transaction where at least one of the tokens involved the swap (input/output) is in the table below.

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