What is FBA?

Firebird Aggregator Token

Firebird Aggregator Token (FBA) is a revolutionary token that provides users with multi-chain utility capabilities, allowing them to maximize their profits. FBA is the first token of its kind to provide a multi-chain cashback feature that rewards users for swapping tokens, while simultaneously helping them save on swap fees. By swapping tokens, users can earn FBA, which can then be staked for a share of profits from all the chains where the Firebird Aggregator is operational, thus providing them with even more rewards.


What is the total supply of FBA?

21 million FBA tokens.

What is the FBA contract address?

FBA (Fantom): 0x0e249130b3545a2a287DE9f27d805CAB95f03DB9


FBA (Arbitrum): 0x13aABC0a9A5d6865dA8fD0296080E172CF8BB958


Where can I buy FBA?


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