🎫FBDAO and Treasury

$FBDAO will not be a β€˜usual’ tradable token. Instead, the only way to receive it will be to stake FBA. Additionally:

  • Users can stake $FBDAO and receive 20% Firebird monthly revenue once per month

  • Users can exchange $FBDAO to the treasury for 80% of liquid treasury once per month based on the amount of FBDAO exchanged/total FBDAO circulating at the time

  • Regarding all things related to the Firebird treasury, only $FBDAO holders/stakers can participate in voting

  • The max supply of $FBDAO will be 1000, and minting rate will be 1 per day, that is proportionally distributed to $FBA stakers

  • A treasury claim will only use the liquid share of the treasury

  • Locking $FBA will allow users to receive $FBDAO at increased rate

The treasury will consist of liquid and illiquid share - illiquid share will be composed of the ve - tokens and anything else that are used to create additional revenue for users as well as protocol owned liquidity that is deployed on friendly DEXes where $FBA is hosted. Whereas the liquid share will be liquid tokens that are not locked or staked. These are all tokens as a result of revenue earned from the platform as well as yields from our ve token acquisitions and any other future investments

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