Decentralized 'Cashback'

Firebird is the first ever multi-chain DEX aggregator with a cashback feature. Only on our platform are users rewarded with tokens, which can be staked for even more rewards, by simply using our Aggregator. We see our cashback feature as double the rewards for our users; saving on swaps from fees, and earning on swaps with $FBA cashback.
Earning $FBA through swaps is very easy. Simply trade using our elegant Swap UI and DEX Aggregator service at: https://app.firebird.finance/swap
Our Swap UI will display your estimated $FBA cashback from your total amount swapped.
Fantom Chain Swap: Example Screenshot
For users trading on other $FBA Cashback enabled chains, such as Cronos (CRO), you will be provided with an additional button at the top of our Swap UI displaying ‘Claim’. Pressing the Claim button will prompt you with a window to change your Web3 Wallet back to Fantom where you can claim your multi-chain cashback.
Cronos Chain Swap: Example Screenshot
Once you have completed a successful and qualified swap, it will appear in our Earn tab. Here, you will be presented with all qualified transactions with claimable $FBA, and any previously claimed $FBA. Simply click ‘Claim All’ to receive all unclaimed $FBA at once, or individually click ‘Claim ’ on any unclaimed swap that you have made.
Earn Tab: Claiming your $FBA