❓What is a DEX Aggregator?

A DEX allows you to buy crypto assets and keep full custody of your funds while maintaining complete anonymity. Thus, they are a safe and more reliable method of purchasing cryptocurrencies. However, these exchanges may have a high transaction fee or slippage. Further, with a new DEX coming into the market almost every week, investors find it challenging to find a suitable DEX with good liquidity.

This is where a DEX aggregator comes into the picture. A DEX aggregator can be used to find crypto at the best price and with the lowest transaction cost and slippage.

How does a DEX Aggregator work?

DEX aggregators source liquidity from different DEXs and thus offer users better token swap rates than they could get on any single DEX. DEX aggregators have the ability to optimize slippage, swap fees and token prices which, when done right, offer a better rate for users.

For instance, a swap deal split between several DEXs can get a user an overall better price than a swap on any single exchange.

A DEX aggregator’s main task is to offer a user better swap rates than any specific DEX can offer and to do that in the shortest possible time. Other major tasks are protecting users from price impact and reducing the probability of failed transactions.

DEXs are generally interested in DEX aggregator integrations, as they can attract more users and volume. Recent data shows that high notional traders are increasingly using DEX aggregators, while retail users still choose to access DEXs directly.

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