Firebird Finance

How to redeem FBDAO

Supported Chains: Arbitrum.
Supported Tokens: $FBDAO (0x82Be2D7A15756Ecd0DEC6D27C4Ea7B7924b9B241)
1. Connect your wallet.
2. Navigate to the DAO -> Overview -> Redemption page.
3. Enter the amount of FBDAO you want to surrender (does not need to be the entire amount)
4. Finally, click [Redeem] and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
  • Once redeemed, the amount of $FBDAO tokens you chose will be surrendered to the Treasury in return for your proportional share.
  • Please remember the monthly redemption schedule (15th of every month), if the redemption time expires you will have to wait for the next redemption window.