FBA is a token with multi-chain utilities, designed for maximum revenue. First-of-its-kind, FBA is equipped with a multichain cashback feature that rewards users for swapping, while also saving them on swap fees. After earning through swapping, FBA can be staked for profit-share from all chains where Firebird Aggregator is operational for incredible additional rewards.
  • Initial price was set to $0.5 per $FBA.
  • Initial liquidity added to Beethoven was 400k $FBA and $200k USDC ($400k USD Total).
  • Total amount of $FBA minted is Fee / $FBA price (extracted from 24hr).
    • Example Mint of $1 in Fees: $1 / Current $FBA Price = FBA (token amount) minted
  • Minimum minting price is "hard-coded" to $0.1 to reduce mass-inflation (value can be modified).
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