Firebird Finance

Locking/Staking (FBA)

Ready to lock your $FBA?

Head over to , connect your wallet on Fantom chain and choose the amount of $FBA you want to lock.
Next, choose a lock duration. Remember that you will need to lock your $FBA for 10 months to receive the maximum amount (1:1 ratio) $veFBA. If you lock 100 $FBA and choose 10 months, you will receive 100 $veFBA. If you choose 5 months, you will receive 50 $veFBA, and so on. Finally, click ‘Lock FBA’ and confirm the transaction. Success! You are now an $FBA lockooor.
Note: You can also increase your lock time whenever you like.
Additionally, you can also increase your lock balance to the initial lock period. For example, if you lock for 10 months and then decide to lock an additional amount of $FBA, it will also be under the same original lock period.
Please be aware that veFBA has a decaying component built in. Your voting power and pool share will decrease on a daily basis until the unlock date. To maintain your position, it is necessary to regularly relock your FBA.
Please note that if you withdraw early then you must pay a 50% penalty i.e. you will get 50% of what you locked back — the remaining 50% will be burned.