Governance & Voting (veFBA)

After locking your desired amount of $FBA, click on the dropdown menu for governance and select ‘Stake’ and confirm the transaction. For test purposes the screenshot below shows the current reward per epoch as 100 USDC.
After the transaction has been confirmed, details of your stake will be displayed such as your pool share, staked token #ID and your expected rewards as well as epoch timer.
Epoch duration will be two weeks, which means rewards are distributed once every 14 days. Once you claim your reward you must wait a minimum of 2 weeks to unstake. You can claim whenever you like and your rewards will not be lost if you choose to claim at a later date.
Last but not least is the ‘Vote’ tab. Here you can spread your share of votes across the 3 categories previously mentioned. You can vote and change your vote whenever you like over the set period (1 month) but votes are only counted once per month.
To prevent vote manipulation, users will need to keep their $veFBA staked during the voting period until the vote is concluded. If $veFBA is unstaked during that time, the vote cast will be considered null and void.