Fee Allocation

The revenue generated from our DEX Aggregator will be divided and utilized at rates set by the DAO.
Firebird will have a fixed base infrastructure cost of $20k (server running costs, etc.) while the remaining amount will be divided into 3 categories. After the first month, allocation will be updated by a DAO vote and then repeated for every month (similar to Curve Gauge).

What Can I Vote For?

It is important in the DeFi landscape to separate ourselves from being rigid. If there are no dynamic variables when it comes to funding the development of Firebird, building protocol owned liquidity or paying dividends to stakers then we risk a snowball effect that could negatively affect the project. This is alleviated by:
  • Variable protocol owned liquidity (range between 30 and 70%) — 50% of $FBA is bought from the market and 50% of collected USDC is used to add liquidity to the beets.fi pool. This will bolster the strength of the token which ultimately makes swapping using Firebird even more attractive to potential investors.
  • Allowing an elastic Treasury (range between 10% and 50%) — which will be used to fund the devs, the support team and build up a marketing fund (i.e. this portion of funds will be used for the overall research, development, build and maintenance of the project). The dynamic nature of this is vital in potential cases of increased development /maintenance costs.
  • Variable profit distribution (range between 10% and 50%) — distributed to all $veFBA stakers in the form of USDC taken from the entire ecosystem’s profits. During times of flat development and maintenance costs, the protocol may opt for increased profit distribution.