SwapV2 is the next generation of the Swap platform. It combines the token trading capabilities of the original and merges them with OneSwap. The latter is the stablecoin trade interface of Firebird Finance. Now, both are united under SwapV2.
Additionally, the combination of swapping tokens and stablecoins under a single product has allowed Firebird Finance's routing algorithm room to evolve. It's now capable of finding the lowest exchange rates and smallest slippage, in both token to token transactions, as well as, stablecoin to stablecoin.
To access the SwapV2 platform follow this link to the platform. Next, connect your crypto wallet and just select tokens to exchange as with any other DEX out there.


Our custom algorithm makes sure you're getting the best value. It will show the routing for the exchange.
It even shows the savings at the bottom of the interface. Finally, users providing liquidity to any pool in Firebird Finance will have access to preferential swap fees.

Transaction Settings

The SwapV2 platform has several settings for advanced users:
Slippage tolerance: is the limit the user is willing to accept between the initial swap rate and the final result. A higher slippage means more room for a successful exchange. A low tolerance means a more accurate exchange rate, but higher chances the transaction will fail.
Transaction deadline: this gives a time limit to the swap.
Liquidity resources: our most innovative option. This allows users the ability to customize the liquidity sources for the exchange. By default all 12 options are available, by clicking on a choice it will be toggled off.