🧺Farm-as-a-Service (FaaS)

What is Farms-as-a-Service?

FaaS technology allows any project to create their own yield-farming pools with ease and safely distribute their tokens with a highly customizable and wide range of options. The entire platform is decentralized and designed to be totally self-served. Think Amazon web services, but for DeFi.
With FaaS, teams can now create the desired liquidity pools and pairs along with flexible ratios, customizable fees, and token contract minter approval for the liquidity pool (LP) only with a few clicks. All while getting a share of the profits from the Firebird platform as our ‘thank-you’ for helping to build a better financial future.
Common rug pull methods are prevented as there are no backdoors implemented in these Smart Contracts by the Firebird team. To make the platform self-serving, the Firebird community is empowered to review new pools and decide whether or not the projects in those pools are deemed trustworthy. Liquidity providers for these projects will also automatically receive the farming token after providing their liquidity at the Farming Pool.
This makes the process of farming more easy, efficient, safe, and secure as there are fewer steps to perform and the LP tokens stay within the Smart Contract made by the Firebird team. It also adds a layer of confidence from users because FaaS is audited, whereas perhaps not all other projects are.


Our decentralised self-serve platform provides new and already established projects with the opportunity to enter yield-farming simply and safely.
  • Customizable swap fee for liquidity pool ranging from 0.2% to 10%
  • Customizable weight ratio in pools (any ratio from 2/98 to 50/50)
  • Liquidity added to DEX Aggregator creating best possible swap rate
  • Pool creator receives 30% of swap fee in HOPE tokens
  • Traders receive 30% of swap fee cashback in HOPE tokens
  • Simple to use interface with every aspect of token emission customizable; duration of rewards, dual rewards, rewards vesting, etc..
  • With sufficient liquidity option to create Auto-compounder for your Farm