Vault FAQs

What is a vault?

In general, avault is a type of as smart farms. In it, you don’t need to go through the process of claming rewards, selling half, adding liquidity and re-staking those LP tokens.
The vault those all the steps follwoing a strategy pre-set in the vautl.

On what networks are Vaults available?

Right now, Firebird Finance has Vaults on Polygon and BSC.

What is the performance fee?

The performance fee is a fee that is paid out from vault profits and is already calculated in the APY. It doesn't affect your capital as we have no deposit nor withdrawal fees.

What is 'deposit and stake'?

Some Vaults have the “boosted” tag which means users have the option to stake their Vault shares for additional HOPE rewards while deposited capital is still being auto-compounded in the background.

What is 'compound for all'?

Compound for all is just an added 'quality of life' feature in addition to the auto-compound. It will allow anybody using a Vault to trigger a manual compound for the available yield.

What is auto-compound?

It is a feature of Firebird Finance Vaults, these automatically compound every 30 minutes.

In the Vaults, What is the meaning of "pending to compound"?

These represent profits that will be distributed to all depositors in a Vault proportional to their deposits as a share in the Vault.