Firebird Finance Vault is one of the premier products on our platform. At their core, they are yield aggregators that use multiple strategies and auto-compounding technology to provide investors with high returns on their deposited assets.
In essence, a Vault is like a pool of crypto assets. The added bonus is that a vault is associated with a strategy designed to give the highest returns on investment to the vault users.
Vaults have different strategies according to the creator of the vault. In most cases, it is a DeFi project that is partnering with Firebird Finance. The strategies of a vault are meant to be active, which means, they allocate the assets following a logic.
How? Vaults will search for the best farming targets, deposit your investment, trade farming rewards for deposited tokens, and re-invest automatically, increasing your LP amount over time.. A farm in contrast, requires the user to claim the rewards and re-invest them in the same pool or a different pool.
Vaults also come with the auto-compound feature. All profits in a vault will automatically compound every 30 minutes for all the members in the vault.
Some of the features of Firebird Finance vaults are:
Multiple investing strategies: the vaults search for the best strategies to ensure the highest yield on the assets deposited. To prevent dilution of the APY of the farmed pool, only a part of the Vault’s assets are allocated to the pool, so the pool APY is less affected.
Likewise, the other funds in the Vault are distributed to other farms to acquire the best returns on the deposited assets, resulting in a 50% APY compared to 10% APY of single assets.
Auto-compound: Every Vault auto-compounds after 30 minutes have passed.
Manual compound: At any time, a user can trigger a manual compound of his/her remaining yield. For example, to retrieve his profits from the Vault a user only needs to hit 'Compound for all' and approve the transaction.
The pending amount will be compounded for all the participants in the Vault. It should be used when a users is preparing to exit the Vault and want to rake all of the profits in the Vault.
There are over 50 Vaults up and running now on Polygon Network: https://app.firebird.finance/vault

Boosted Vaults

Some of our Vaults, in addition to auto-compounding features, offer their users extra incentives. Those pools have a green "Boosted" tag on their respective Vault tab.
These additional incentives assume the form of HOPE tokens rewards. The HOPE tokens are given on top of the normal rewards of the vault.
In a Boosted Vault a user goes to the same process of adding liquidity to the chose pair. After, an extra option will appear that asks for the LP tokens of the Vault to be staked. Once this is done the HOPE rewards will start accumulating.
These are visible in the Vault's interface next to the Withdraw menu in Boosted Vaults only.
You can claim the reward directly from the Vault's menu, or the global option on the Home page of https://app.firebird.finance/.
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