Firebird Token (FBA)

Initial supply

Minting Mechanism:

A conventional farming token will indirectly inflate its own token supply by providing rewards to stakers, generating unsustainable selling pressure in the process. $FBA will not follow this method, instead adopting a new approach of minting after a successful transaction. This new minting system will not flood the market with ‘dead’ reward tokens (which are usually instantly dumped), but only tokens generated from performance fees.
Important: The value of FBA is hard capped at a minimum of $0.1 for minting. This means if current price of $FBA is lower than $0.1 then A = tx performance fees / $0.1
  • Maximum supply of FBA is 21 million tokens. Before all 21 million tokens have been minted, we will ‘abuse’ the tokenomics (high value cashback) to acquire users for Firebird aggregator as much as possible.
  • $FBA is a deflationary token. The higher the price, the less $FBA that is being minted. Therefore, there is a chance that all 21 million $FBA tokens will never be fully minted.
  • The aim is to ensure Firebird reaches at least 100 million USD daily trading volume on multiple chains. This will create a steady stream of income even if $FBA tokens stop minting.
  • Users using our Aggregator on non-Fantom chains will be able to claim $FBA on Fantom later. (Snapshot is automatic at 12 AM UTC daily )
* A ‘Qualified TX’ is a transaction where Firebird can collect fees from whitelisted tokens. This list is defined per chain where the Firebird fee is applied ( please refer to the table below).